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Recognised by UNESCO as a world-leader within the fields of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development, Foundation for Environmental Education is the benchmark by which nations can measure the seriousness of their environmental commitments.

 As a global organisation committed to stimulating positive environmental change, our strength comes from our members who share our convictions and execute their programmes with tremendous dedication and efficiency on a daily basis. Hand-picked by Foundation for Environmental Education for their enthusiasm and outstanding ability, it is these local organisations who make the Foundation for Environmental Education the authoritative and respected entity that it is today.

To become part of this group, all you need do is check your organisation against the list of criteria we have provided on our membership guide: if your country already has a Foundation for Environmental Education member organisation operating then you could apply for Affiliate Membership. If, however, you are the first in your country to seek membership of the Foundation for Environmental Education, you should carefully scrutinise your organisation against the Associate Member criteria on our membership guide

To find out whether your country is currently a member of FEE or not, please check the current list of members on our map.

Not quite sure what is right for you? Visit the Our Network section and learn more about the different ways you can benefit from and contribute to our work.